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2023.05.02 NEW Our office has been relocated to a new address.
2022.12.08 Added KURA CHIKA by PORTER K11 Store, Namco Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Sake No Wa Central, ALLU Kwun Tong Store, ALLU Jordan Store, ALLU Causeway Bay Store, UCC Aeon Tuen Mun Store, UCC Aeon Whampoa Store on project information.
2022.08.01 Added Francfranc Causeway Bay on project information.
2021.04.12 Added Namco Telford Plaza, Namco The Lohas, Nanboya Central Shop, Doco Doco The Lohas on project information.
2020.10.15 Added epis Education Centre on project information.
2020.06.20 Added PUBLIC TOKYO K11 MUSEA Store, KURA CHIKA by PORTER Hong Kong HARBOUR CITY Store, JINS 香港 Festival Walk Store, JINS 香港 Harbour City Store, JINS 香港 K11 MUSEA Store, Tenmusubi K11 MUSEA Store and UCC YATA North Point Store on project information.
2019.02.27 Added “GU (East Point City Store, Plaza Hollywood Store)”, “JINS”, “PUBLIC TOKYO”, “UCC (YATA Shatin Store, YATA Kwun Tong Store)” on project information.
2018.07.30 Added “WATAMI”, “KURA CHIKA”, “HANAMUSUBI (Admiralty station shop, Hing Wah Plaza shop)” on project information.
Added a movie on Namco introduction.
2018.01.25 Added “WEGO TOKYO”, “UNITED TOKYO”, “LUSH”, and “NAMCO” on project information.
2017.06.16 Added “GU (Miramar Shopping Centre, Windsor House)”, “STUDIOUS”, and “WATAMI” on project information.
2017.04.24 We've moved to a new office. 
2016.06.20 Added “NAMCO D・PARK” on project information.
2016.06.20 Added “Tsuchiya Bag Hong Kong Showroom” on project information.
2016.04.12 Our web site is newly opened!
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